Letter to the editor: No reason to praise our public education system


The eulogy in Rich Askey’s “Thank you to those who educate our students” letter (November 17, TribLIVE) was like the captain of the Titanic congratulating his staff and crew on the good job they did loading the lifeboats when the ship drowned. He praises everyone involved with the Pennsylvania public school system, except for the janitors.

While I don’t have specific data for Pennsylvania, I do have a copy of the latest Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey that measures the ability of 15-year-olds to use their knowledge and skills in reading, math, and science to meet real needs. – life difficulties. The report changed my previous suggestion to go abroad to evaluate and accept their educational procedures. What is required is the evaluation and acceptance of the Canadian public education system.

Canada ranked third in reading and fifth in math and science. The US was ranked 14th in reading, 18th in science, and 25th in math. It hardly justifies educational praise. Unfortunately, “woke up” was not included.

Of course, our teachers can now, after decades of failure, change course and repeat the success. I encourage them to wear masks and meet with their Canadian counterparts to discuss Canadian ways of working. Then modernize the failed US public education system.

The area of ​​public schools where the US and Pennsylvania are probably in the top category is teacher and administrator compensation. If the public school system were a private business, it would be in bankruptcy court.

I don’t believe our inept, exorbitant public education system deserves Asuka’s praise.

Jack Bologna


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