Letter to the editor: US enemies are taking advantage


As our country continues to self-destruct, our enemies are slowly taking advantage of our stupidity and lack of patriotism.

We see Russia challenging us and our allies with its invasion of Ukraine. Russia is using Ukraine to test its latest military weapons. It is alleged that he sabotaged the underwater gas pipeline that feeds Europe. He is taking steps to deploy troops near Norway, Finland and Sweden. He began sabotaging underwater communications and internet cables. He was accused of sabotage in France and Spain and may even have been tried in Britain. He is helping our enemies in the Middle East.

China conducts joint naval operations with Russia off the coast of South Africa. He recently used one of his carriers to counter the USS Nimitz carrier group in the South China Sea and brazenly attacked our carrier group with his fifth-generation J-20 stealth fighter (a clone of our F22 and F35 fighter program). Another Chinese aircraft carrier is stationed off the coast of the Philippines. The third group of the Navy and the air force are located off the coast of Taiwan. Taiwan is raising its F16 fighter jets daily in an attempt to keep Chinese aircraft out of Taiwan’s airspace.

For years, China and Russia have been bombarding the United States with tons of disinformation to cause civil and racial unrest to force us to fight each other and ignore what is happening outside our borders. They have completely succeeded.

History has repeatedly proven that a divided house will collapse!

Vic Mannella

Penn Township, Westmoreland

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