Letters from the American statesman Austin to the editor: January 15, 2023

Family deserves answers, not excuses

in the murder of a chained Hayes County prisoner

Re: Jan 4 article ‘I Won’t Surrender’: Family Seeks Answers to Detention Killing of Joshua Wright, Requests Security Video.”

The death of Hayes County inmate Joshua Wright – a man with ankle shackles when he was killed – raises a number of troubling questions.

The camera video of the shooting was not reviewed by the victim’s mother’s lawyers, despite the fact that several weeks had passed since the incident.

That in itself begs the question: why is the Hayes County Sheriff’s Office refusing to release this video?

The corresponding frames last no more than a few minutes, if not seconds.

It can be studied, viewed and reviewed dozens of times in one day. Why does it take weeks for this to be released? What is yet to be learned? What law enforcement purpose does it serve? The delay in justice means the denial of justice.

The Wright family deserves answers, not excuses.

Joe Pastusek, Pflugerville

Paxton’s lawsuit is a brazen attempt

bankrupt Planned Parenthood

Re: January 11 article “Paxton struggles with family planning.”

In Wednesday’s Stateman, you may have seen an article about Ken Paxton’s lawsuit against Planned Parenthood. Paxton is a “statesman” who is serving as our state’s attorney general, the state’s chief legal entity, while facing investment fraud charges.

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