Liberty Hill Police releases name of officer involved in fatal shooting

UPDATED: 15:30 January 19, 2023

Liberty Hill Police reported this afternoon that Officer Esteban Gomez-Sanchez was involved in the Wednesday afternoon murder of 21-year-old Jackson Lieber, who was suspected of breaking into an apartment building in the 700th block of RR 1869.

The officer hired in December 2020 was not injured in the incident. He was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation by the Texas Rangers with the assistance of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

Gomez is a K9 LHPD officer.

This is the first shooting involving officers in the history of the LHPD.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE: 08:51 PM, January 18, 2023

At approximately 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, a member of the Liberty Hill Police Department answered a call to break into an apartment building on RR 1869 and fatally shot the man.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety media and communications officer Deon Cockrell, the LHPD was the first to arrive after the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department initially received a trespassing call from a man after he left the scene of a one-vehicle accident. The residence is located outside the city limits of Liberty Hill.

“This was a call to the county sheriff’s office regarding intrusion and unwanted person on the property at Liberty Hill,” Cockrell said. “The police officer (LHPD) who reacted to this scene arrived there first, and there was an argument between the officer and the subject who entered the territory – there was a shooting involving the officer – the officer is fine, but the suspect is dead. “.

Cockrell added that the suspect entered the house after the accident that caused the incident.

“I think there was an accident before – this is what led to the subject, who was in the accident further down the road from the house, wandered into this house for some reason – we do not know – there was an altercation between the residents and the subject . The call was made from the sheriff’s office and the police answered from the sheriff’s office. (LHPD) got here first, and that’s when a fight broke out between the officer and the unsub.”

According to Cockrell, it is unclear what caused the crash.

“I don’t know if there was something that made him get out of the way or not,” he said. “But the unsub got to this point, and that’s when the fight happened.”

Cockrell said the reason for the standoff at the residence is currently unknown.

“We don’t know what caused the quarrel or anything else,” he said. “Just got a call that the subject is trespassing and unwelcome, and we know there was an accident further down the road, so he went there.”

The name of the officer involved was not released on Wednesday evening, and the investigation into the incident continues.

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