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Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick says he will run for 4th term

Austin. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who is a week ahead of his inauguration before a third term, is already set to run for a fourth.

Patrick, 72, made the announcement during a forum in Austin with conservative news outlet The Texan. During an interview, Patrick said that he would “absolutely” run for a fourth term.

Patrick is running for re-election in 2022, ahead of his Democratic challenger by just over 10 percentage points.

“I’m in good health and I just won eight hundred and thirty something thousand votes, so why don’t I come back? I think in 26th we will be in good shape both at the primary and at the general level. Patrick said.

Patrick already has a whopping $16.5 million, despite being almost four years away from re-election, according to a Jan. 17 campaign finance report. His most recent fundraiser included a $200,000 donation from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, $125,000 from Buc-Ee owner Ark “Beaver” Aplin, and $100,000 from West Texas oil magnate S. Javid Anwar.

As lieutenant governor, Patrick is the president of the Senate. He is considered one of the most powerful legislatures in Texas and a very powerful post that shapes the laws that come from the Capitol.

On Monday, Patrick named Republicans to head all but one of the Senate committees. In making the announcement, he said that the House would legislate with bipartisan support, but that “priority bills would address the problems of the conservative majority in Texas.”

Patrick’s fourth-term victory would not have set records. According to the Legislative Reference Library, a 16-year term would have made him second only to William Hobby Jr., who served 18 years, from 1973 to 1991.

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