Likewise Coffee, a new community coffee shop, is heading to Tyler.

A new coffee shop is about to open in Tyler. Likewise Coffee will open in the Mosaic District this spring.

Owner Emily Casey, who also owns the popular Neighbors Coffee in Jacksonville with her husband and couple Jesse and Zach Woodson, said they had no idea they would expand so quickly but couldn’t wait to open in the iconic area.

“We’ve been running Neighbors Coffee in Jacksonville for a year now and it’s been the joy of our lives,” she said. “We never set out to expand quickly, but we have loved the Mosaic District for many years and believe our product and business vision is the perfect fit for the area.”

However, there is no shortage of coffee shops in the Tyler area; Casey believes Likewise Coffee will offer a new and different experience to the ever-growing coffee craze in East Texas.

“While coffee is becoming more accessible to the Tylerites, we believe we offer something different from all the stores currently in existence. The product we will produce will be of a higher quality than what you would get at a large chain store, and we also put as much emphasis on making the store a great place to spend time as we do on making delivery efficient. and comfortable. exactly,” she said. “For coffee lovers, or for those who want to hang out or work at the computer, or for those who are looking for a place with great aesthetics and Instagrammability, Likewise will be the best place in town.”

“What makes this space different is that we will have a conference room available for booking that will allow for business meetings, study groups, small events, bible studies, etc. that we think will satisfy a large Tyler’s need. We also pride ourselves on creating a family-friendly experience that can be difficult to achieve,” Casey continued. “When we say that everyone is welcome, we mean exactly that, including cute babies. While we place a lot of emphasis on coffee products, we also place a lot of emphasis on creating our space and connecting with the people who come, and we believe that all of this together will help us stand out.”

Casey said there will be no compromises with Likewise Coffee and the couples plan to make the java establishment “the best in town”.

“We don’t cut corners with Likewise. We take our craft very seriously and we will have what we think is the best coffee in town, the coolest place in town and the friendliest staff in town,” she said. “We think there is a lot of coffee in Tyler, but specialty coffee is a bit lacking. We are here to change that and make it possible for all people to enjoy it.”

Likewise Coffee will host a pop-up event on February 11th at the very first Galentine’s Market.

“Similarly, Coffee, Joyfull Bites and The Apple Gal will open a shop in front of our building where we will operate as soon as our premises are ready and we will be joined by 30 small local businesses to provide an incredible fun shopping experience for girls. There will be jewelry, clothes, sweets, art, candles, soaps, skin care products; it will be amazing,” Casey said. “In addition, all businesses in the Mosaic District will be open for the best food and drink Tyler has to offer.”

Casey explained that this event was just the first of many that have become an integral part of the Tyler community.

“Community development is one of the biggest heartbeats in our business, and this exciting shopping experience gives us the opportunity to start living it,” she said. “It brings together small businesses to promote local growth and gives everyone else the opportunity to come together to shop, eat and socialize when they might not have originally.”

“This is a great opportunity to celebrate all the talented businesses here in Tyler and we believe this is the first of many community gatherings to take place in the area,” Casey added.

Casey said she hopes to make East Texas famous for the specialty coffee culture.

“We are very proud of our Neighbors Coffee store in Jacksonville and think Likewise Coffee will bring the same magic to Tyler,” she said. “We also hope, as I mentioned earlier, to become a hub for social events and meeting places, and to provide a place where all people feel welcome, invited and welcome.”

Similarly, Coffee is currently hiring; Applications are available on the pages of shops in social networks.

For more information, visit the Likewise Coffee Facebook page.

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