Locals react to Governor Lombardo’s State of the Union address


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — When Governor Joe Lombardo first addresses the state of Nevada, he shared his financial plans for education, gas, and local labor.

But for those who didn’t catch the speech, KTNV host Abel Garcia presented them with a Statement of State.

People like Andrew Clem were surprised to learn of Lombardo’s plans to cut gas taxes by up to $250 million this year, but Clem says more needs to be done.

“Of course, gas is a big deal, but there are also rents and groceries. As important as gas is, overall it is low in terms of spending,” Clem said.

Artur Babayan, owner of a local marketing company, was skeptical of Lombardo’s proposal to give businesses a 15% tax break.

In his address, Lombardo said: “My budget is increasing the exemption for businesses subject to trade tax by 50 percent from $4 million to $6 million. This represents the first time that a trade tax exemption has been adjusted in favor of taxpayers.”

Babayan replied: “The car dealership is doing more, it should not even be a subject of conversation.”

He told KTNV that he needed a leader who would do what they say and be held accountable for it. He says businesses in Las Vegas need more help, especially after businesses like his were closed during the pandemic.

“We didn’t get loans or unemployment and we still had to support our families.”

Lee Terry, a mother of three in the Clark County School District, says education is her top priority. In his address, Lombardo pledged to increase public education spending by billions of dollars “for literacy, for education, for our children.”

When asked how it makes her feel as a parent, Tarry said: “I feel good if she goes to school and to educate her children.”

But Tarry says it takes more: “I think action speaks louder than words, he can say whatever he’s going to say, but I believe in action.”

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