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Lonely bookstore in a city without a library

Every week we share newsletters from Texas State Reporter a long-running TV show that takes you on a journey through the back roads of Texas.

When Heidi Fraser began homeschooling her children, she noticed how important reading was to young minds. She began throwing away children’s books for the home library, but when her husband’s company decided to dispose of the thousands of books she owned, she came up with the idea of ​​starting a used book store that could also function as the only library in town. small town of Lexington.

Today, she acknowledges that digital screens have to compete, but she doesn’t think there should be any barriers to the wonderful worlds books open up. In this video, Texas Country Reporter visits her 40 Acre Wood store, where books are sold, borrowed, given away, read and discussed, and where every child who crosses the threshold receives a book for free.

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