‘Look for me’: Two missing Juarez women found murdered days after disappearing

The haunting lines of a popular poem about a woman’s disappearance cast a shadow over the deaths of two Juarez women who were found murdered this week after they disappeared six days earlier.

Maribel Garcia Treviso, 24, and Gabriela Janet Lopez Pedrosa, 26, were found murdered Tuesday after they both disappeared on January 4, according to the Chihuahua Attorney General’s Office.

The bodies were found when state investigators issued a search warrant for a house on Villa Gessel Street in the same Parajes del Sur neighborhood on the southeastern outskirts of Juarez where the two women lived, news site Norte Digital reported. Women died of asphyxia due to strangulation.

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According to missing persons bulletins, both women were last seen leaving their home on January 4 in Parages del Sur. Whether the women knew each other is not known. There were no arrests.

“If I don’t come back tomorrow”

Si mañana no regreso, búsquenme por todas partes– the poem begins in Spanish, which means “if I do not return tomorrow, look for me everywhere.”

“Look for me in an art museum, heaven and the rings of Saturn,” the poem continues, asking the woman’s loved ones not to cry and urging them to change society after her murder.

The poem has become a feminist anthem about the plight of missing and murdered women in Mexico. Lopez Pedrosa posted a video on TikTok with the poem “March 8, International Women’s Day.”

Murders of women and disappearances of women have been a problem for Juarez for decades, even despite the overall decrease in the number of murders in the past year.

The beginning of 2023 brought an upsurge of violence to the Mexican border town, beginning with the escape of 30 prisoners on the morning of January 1 during a breakout from Cerezo State Prison No. 3, which killed 17 people: 10 guards and seven prisoners.

There were at least 1,053 homicides in Juarez in 2022, down 26% from 1,421 homicides in 2021, according to government data cited in a report by news site La Verdad Juárez.

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