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Louisiana Potato Soup Video Leaves Brit Speechless


A British vlogger was speechless after seeing a Louisiana man making amazingly delicious potato soup. It’s a Louisiana business, he just doesn’t understand…

Briton reacts to Cajun cuisine

At Acadiana, we prepare gumbo, savory sauce, curbuillon, rice and gravy, etoffee and more without thinking about it.

Why should we? We know what we want to eat and we know how to cook it.

For those who are not used to the way we cook, this can be a little… unpleasant.

The amount of oil we use alone can shock some people.

People just don’t cook the way we do in Acadian, and that suits us.

British TikToker imjoshfromengland2 recently came across a video posted by Louisian Ralftebaker cooking and sharing his recipe for delicious Cajun Potato Soup.

Josh from England had a hard time digesting this, saying:


Is this real food in America?”

Poor Josh just wasn’t ready for all the condiments he was about to see.

If he had the opportunity to try it, he would understand.

Obviously, Josh, who grew up overseas in England, had never seen or tasted anything like good old Cajun potato soup, so it blew his mind.

Thanks to Ralphthebaker for the delicious potato soup recipe!

@imjoshfromengland2 #duet with @Ralphthebaker ♬ original sound – Ralphthebaker

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