Man found guilty of killing postal worker who delivered mail to UK, prosecutor says


Andrews, a man charged with the 2019 murder of a U.S. Postal Service carrier delivering mail in rural South Carolina, was found guilty Tuesday after a federal jury trial in Florence, according to U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Trevor Seward will be sentenced later and faces the maximum sentence of life in prison.

“The jurors were only away for an hour and a half,” First Assistant U.S. Attorney Brooke Andrews told The State.

Seward was convicted of killing 64-year-old Irene Pressly while she was on duty as a postman in rural Williamsburg County.

Pressly, who has worked for over 20 years with the US Postal Service, was found shot to death in her car near a mail route in Andrews on the afternoon of September 23, 2019.

According to the state warrant, the murder took place around 3:00 pm at the intersection of two rural two-lane roads, Senate Road and Morrisville Road, about 20 miles east of Kingstree.

Another accused in the Pressley murder, Jerome Davis, has yet to be tried.

According to the evidence in the case, Seward and Davis shot Pressley multiple times with semi-automatic weapons in an attempt to steal a bag of marijuana.

Seward was seen with an AR-15 before the shooting, and several .223 shell casings were found with Pressley’s body, the Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office said in 2019. This type of ammunition is used in the AR-15.

Additionally, according to the sheriff’s office, Seward’s fingerprints were found on the mail at the crime scene.

A third man was charged in connection with the death.

The federal government has accused Ricky Jesus Barajas of Santa Rosa, California of being involved in a drug conspiracy that investigators say was linked to the Pressly shooting, a U.S. attorney said in 2020.

In June 2022, Barajas pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges in connection with the murder.

The federal prosecutors, called Assistant U.S. Attorneys, for the case were El Klein, Robert Bianchi, and Katherine Flynn.

Seward’s lawyers were Josh Kendrick and Lindsey Vann.

Federal Judge Donald Coggins presided.

Pressley’s murder brought Williamsburg County to the attention of national law enforcement. As a result, more than 70 law enforcement agencies were involved in the investigation.

“When a member of our postal family is attacked, we do everything we can to track down the perpetrator and get justice,” said Tommy D. Kok, postal inspector in charge of the Atlanta branch, in 2020.

Various investigators worked more than 25,000 hours “to bring justice to Irene,” Coke said.

Pressley is survived by a husband and five children, as well as other family members. She was a leader in her church and, according to her obituary, was known by the US Postal Service as “Mother”.

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