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Man sentenced to 60 years for involvement in murder of Fort Worth officer

A man charged with the fatal murder of a Fort Worth police officer in 2018 is serving 60 years in prison.

Garret Hull

Samuel Mayfield, 37, pleaded guilty to murder on Tuesday, the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office said. The judge gave him a sentence.

Police said in September 2018, Mayfield and two other men, Timothy Huff and Dasion Steptoe, were approached by officers who were conducting surveillance while investigating a series of robberies at Latino-owned bars in Fort Worth. Authorities said Steptoe fired at the officers, forcing them to return fire.

Fort Worth Police Officer Garrett Hull, 40, who had been with the department for 17 years, was fatally shot. Stepto was also killed.

In June, a Tarrant County jury found Huff guilty of capital murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Under Texas law, anyone who takes part in acts “manifestly dangerous to human life” that results in death can be found guilty of death, regardless of whether that person was directly responsible for the murder.

The slain officer’s family supported Mayfield’s request, prosecutors said.

“With this statement, Officer Garrett Hull’s family can move on knowing they won’t have to relive Garrett’s death,” said Tim Rogers, Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney for Criminal Services. “Justice in dire cases takes many forms, and many factors are taken into account when deciding which statement is appropriate.”

Timothy Huff sentenced to life in prison for killing Fort Worth police officer in 2018

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