McAfee moves headquarters to Frisco

Everyone seems to want a piece of North Texas these days. A week after the announcement of the new Universal Studios theme park, San Jose-based cybersecurity firm McAfee announced it would be Frisco’s newest addition, moving its headquarters to The Star in 2023.

According to the press release, once McAfee takes over these facilities in mid-2023, the company is committed to working with the community through programs such as the McAfee Kids Online Safety Program to educate kids about online safety. The company’s goal is to raise awareness of STEM by partnering with local students and local tech startups to advance careers in STEM and cybersecurity.

“What a win for Frisco,” said Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney. “As an innovation-driven smart city, we know how important online security is. We are proud to have a global leader like McAfee headquartered in Frisco.”

As for why the Collin County City was chosen, Benny Bookert, McAfee’s VP of Workplace and Engagement, highlighted the cultural diversity of the promising technology hub.

“Our decision to choose Frisco for our regional headquarters was also based on the diversity of cultural destinations the city has become and the many opportunities our team members will have to immerse themselves in the community and give back to the many nonprofits here. “.

McAfee’s Kids Online Safety Program involves employees connecting with local communities and educating children of all ages about online safety. Covering everything from cybersecurity, cyberbullying and social media, the program aims to keep families safe and aware.

“McAfee’s commitment to protecting everything that matters goes beyond the digital world. We believe that we all have a responsibility to help shape our local communities and make a difference,” Bueckert said. “With a shared vision and commitment to support our local community, we see limitless opportunities in this partnership.”

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