Meet the Houston weatherman who hides Tupac lyrics in his daily forecast

Like a DJ processing song requests, a local Houston meteorologist weaves the words viewers want to hear into his daily television weather forecasts. Adam Krueger, CW39’s chief meteorologist in Houston, has gone viral on TikTok for accepting the challenge to subtly sneak up on the words his followers propose to include in their daily reports of the weather happening in and around the city of Bayou. Like a well-kept secret, basically only his followers can tell.

“The challenge I’ve set for myself is to sneak into where, if you were watching most of the time, you probably wouldn’t even notice that I was referring to something if you didn’t know, what I’m trying,” Kruger said. by phone on Wednesday.

For example, Krueger’s first challenges included plugging in the word of the day from the popular online word guessing game Wordle. Shortly thereafter, Krueger began citing movie quotes, pop culture references, lyrics from artists such as Eminem, Sir Mix-a-Lot and The Weeknd, as well as weird phrases his followers asked for in the comments. One of his most popular clips is a prediction in which he was able to covertly include the phrase “I like legs”.

“Look how much snow is falling in parts of Colorado,” Krueger said in the clip. – This is Steamboat, by the way, a great place to go skiing. a little over 14 or 13 inches. i like legs snow when I ski. But if you have to travel, it can be especially difficult.”

A video of Krueger performing this particularly clever feat (ahem) was posted to TikTok in December and has since racked up over 6.4 million views and over 866,000 likes. “It was smooth,” commented one of the subscribers. “Bro took a chance with this,” wrote another. “My new favorite content brand,” read another comment. In another recent prediction that has garnered over 2.2 million views on social media, Kruger revealed the lyrics to rapper Tupac’s “California Love.”

However, Kruger is most proud of being able to include the names of several NFL teams, including the 49ers. “I was talking about the whole country freezing over, so I said, ’49, but actually 50 states are freezing if you include the mountain peaks of Hawaii,'” he said.

The most difficult task was the word “ionic”. “About that time we were having some thunderstorms and I started to explain the ionic charge between the cloud and the ground and how lightning is formed,” Krueger said. “It’s like a puzzle or brain exercise.”

A native of Chicago, Krueger received his degree in meteorology from Purdue University. He moved to Texas in 2006 and joined the CW39 morning news group in Houston as a meteorologist in 2020. Prior to his time in Houston, Krueger lived in Austin for 12 years while working for Spectrum News. He also previously worked for KABB in San Antonio and KHAS in Nebraska.

Krueger came up with the idea to hide little Easter eggs in his predictions by accident sometime in early 2021 while playing Wordle. The game was becoming popular and he was inspired to come up with his own kind of “word of the day” game. “Not only did I feel like it was fun, but other people didn’t do it either, so I figured I’d keep going,” Kruger said. “My boss caught the first thing I did and thought it was cool, and the next day I ran into him in the lobby and he was like, ‘Oh, today is a pretty hard word. I don’t know if you can do it.” And I did.”

The first positive feedback Krueger received from TikTok users after launching his secret game encouraged him to keep going. Now he receives thousands of verbal and phrase requests, including unsafe ones for work. To reduce noise, Krueger is now trying to narrow down the choice of words that fit the current weather scenarios on a given day. With these parameters, he enters every broadcast, trying his best to discreetly insert the right phrase at an unexpected moment – a task that has become much more difficult, since so much of the news department is now involved in the game. “Producers and directors will listen to it for a long four-hour show,” he said. “Many times they will catch it. But I get even more satisfaction when they don’t catch it and then they see the clip and they’re like, “Oh man, I didn’t even notice you were doing that.”

Krueger doesn’t know how long he’ll keep saying “sneak” but he plans to keep going as often and for as long as he can. “With the popularity it has become lately, I try to make one every day,” he said. “I even have people who say they look forward to this every single day or it’s one of their favorite things on TikTok and they can’t wait to see what comes next. So I also try to make these people happy. ”

With the clips, Kruger hopes to get more people to watch local news. And everything seems to be going well, as users from other countries even asked him how they could broadcast his predictions on the Internet. “I want as many people as possible to watch and be aware of the weather,” he said. “I think it’s kind of part of being a good meteorologist or a good storyteller, which is basically about being yourself and having fun when it’s appropriate. And so I’m just trying to do it.”

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