Mesquite weekend jewelry heist draws attention to Town East mall

After thieves stole $2 million worth of jewelry at the Town East Mall over the weekend, some are wondering about the mall and the former Sears inside it.

To gain access to the American Jewelers jewelry store, robbers breached the wall of an abandoned Sears, raising questions about the history of the mall and the now defunct major department store.

Contrary to what some people think about the mall, Town East is not closed. It is open for business and is represented by four major stores: Macy’s, Dillard’s, JCPenney and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Most tenants survived the pandemic.

Located in the Mesquite East neighborhood, the ultra-regional mall also borders a variety of other retail spaces such as the Market East Mall, which houses Target, Dollar Tree and Marshall’s stores.

According to a Mesquite News article, the mall first opened its doors to the public in 1971 and has gone through many changes over its 51-year history.

Mesquite’s director of economic development, Kim Battran, told Mesquite News that the mall’s location has generated significant revenue in the area and generated some of the highest sales volume in the city.

According to some Redditors, the mall can get “packed” on the weekends, helping to increase traffic at the nearby I-635 exit.

Another user added: “Christmas is a nightmare in this mall.”

According to Mesquite police, American Jewelers, the site of the jewelry heist, shares a wall with a former Sears.

The mall’s anchor department store closed in early 2022 during a string of closures for 11 other Sears stores. It was considered the last Sears to remain open in North Texas after two regional stores closed in 2020.

As for the future of abandoned space, in March 2022 Dallas Morning News reported that the former Sears could be redesigned into an open-air concept.

Last year, the developer unveiled a visualization that would transform the space into a two-level courtyard with stairs, fountains and seating areas, as well as plazas and other retail space.

Robbers stole $2 million in jewelry heist at Mesquite mall, manager says

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