Mixon of the Bengals celebrates TD with a coin toss

CINCINNATI – Joe Mixon and the Cincinnati Bengals are still unhappy with the NFL’s plan to determine home field advantage in the playoffs.

Mixon mentioned NFL decision use a coin toss as a tiebreaker on Sunday, marking a 1-yard touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens by removing a coin from his glove and throwing it. He and several teammates then kicked him on the ground.

The league decided to add a coin toss to settle a possible playoff scenario after Monday night’s game between the Bengals and Buffalo Bills was declared a no-play after Bills safety Damar Hamlin on the field suffered a heart failure.

According to NFL ruling, if Baltimore beat the AFC North champion Cincinnati on Sunday and the two teams play each other in the first round of the playoffs, a coin toss will be used to determine the home team.

“So we don’t follow the rules anymore” Mixon wrote on Thursday on allowing the coin toss, sharing screen shots with the league’s game guide, noting that if games are cancelled, playoff standings are determined using the final records of games played.

Bengals coach Zach Taylor made it clear this week that the team is unhappy with the league’s rule change.

“We just want the rules to be followed,” Taylor said earlier this week. “When a game is cancelled, you turn to win percentage to clear things up so we don’t have to make up the rules. There have been several cases this season where the club or people in our building have been fined and we have been told to follow the rules. It’s black and white. It’s in the rule book. So when they tell you we’re going to change that, I don’t want to hear about fairness and equality in this case.”

Mixon’s touchdown helped the Bengals to a 17–0 lead over the Ravens.


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