Modest ISD teacher under investigation after mobile phone video shows him using ‘physical force’ on a student

The district said the teacher was helping in another class when he used physical force to force a student to sit down and listen.

Humble, Texas — Humble ISD has launched an investigation into a teacher accused of assaulting a student.

The incident was filmed on mobile phone video and now the parents are demanding answers.

The video shows a teacher pulling a chair out from under a 16-year-old 10th grade student at Humble High School and placing her hands on his shoulders and neck. The teacher is then seen pushing the student against the wall while the other students gather around and try to stop the fight.

The teacher and student end up falling to the ground, with the teacher over the student.

“I don’t want this teacher not to be able to teach anywhere in this state or in this country, for that matter,” said student father Elvert Bolden. “No child should have a teacher who has to teach and defend his jargon all over the room like he’s a rag doll.”

Watch the video of the fight in the video below:

On Wednesday, Humble ISD released a statement saying, “A teacher was helping in another class when he used physical force to try and get a student to sit down and listen.” The district called the teacher’s actions “unacceptable and contrary to the standards and expectations of all employees.”

The family said they are going to court.

“Just to let you know, we don’t just flap our lips and talk loud and say nothing like James Brown says. We will sue,” said the student’s grandfather, Dr. James E. Bolden III.

The teacher was placed on administrative leave pending the hearing of the case.

The Harris County District Attorney says they are looking into possible charges against the teacher.

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