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Motorcyclist reunites with College Station firefighters who saved his life after crash

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) — A Brazos County resident seriously injured in a 2021 Thanksgiving Eve motorcycle accident was recently reunited with the first responders who saved his life.

Curtis Young was driving down Texas Avenue near Brothers Boulevard and Deacon Drive shortly after dinner with his family. It was then that his motorcycle collided with another vehicle, as a result of which he received serious injuries and was hospitalized.

Young was not wearing a helmet that night and suffered a serious head injury, forcing him to stop one of the activities he loved most, riding a motorcycle. He says it was important to him to meet the first responders who helped him start a new life that Wednesday night.

“Saying thank you is not enough. I mean, I’m so grateful for them,” Young said. “They are my heroes. They saved my life.”

Young says it was also important that the men and women of College Station Firehouse 2 knew the impact they had on his family and that they were appreciated.

“I don’t know how often they get to see someone’s result, you know, so I wanted to make sure they could see what they did,” Young said. “A lot of times they might just think it was part of their job, but their job saved my life.”

Robert Mumford, assistant fire chief at College Station, says accidents like Young’s often end in tragedy, so he’s grateful it turned out that way.

“We don’t always see these patient meetings turn out to be successful, so it always gives us huge gratitude and makes us appreciate what we do every day,” said Mumford.

While the first responders at station two say they were just doing their job, they also wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the importance of wearing a helmet and beware of cyclists.

“He was not wearing a helmet and today he told the crew that any message he could get across to other people would be that he would ask the public to be aware of motorcyclists on the roadway and also for every motorcyclist on the roadway. should be wearing a helmet,” said Mumford.

Young says he too wants to emphasize the importance of wearing a helmet so that other cyclists and their families don’t have to endure what he went through.

“I would really appreciate it if people wore a helmet. It’s a simple thing that can save your life,” Young said. “If you really enjoy riding, it will allow you to keep riding.”

That day, five members of the College Station Fire Department were recognized for their quick response and life-saving actions.

An ambulance and engine crew from Fire Station No. 2 at Rio Grande Boulevard in College Station, along with a security officer and a medic, arrived at the scene and arrived within 4.5 minutes.

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