NAS JRB Fort Worth completes $4.8 million runway renovation

The completion of a runway last month at Joint Reserve Air Station Fort Worth was a record-breaking task for an Ohio defense contractor.

Completing a $4.8 million runway 18 repair project, crews poured 23,000 five-gallon pails of Delpatch epoxy to restore the runway from 9,000 feet to 12,000 feet, according to the Defense Visual Information Service.

“The NAS JRB Fort Worth 18 runway refurbishment project is actually our largest project to date using Delpatch,” said Ethan Fuller, head of paving at Delpatch DS Brown Co. “We were certainly delighted to team up with the Navy and provide a permanent runway solution at NAS JRB Fort Worth.”

Most of the repair work took place along the joints of each concrete panel. Crews removed the existing damaged concrete around the joints until they reached solid concrete and then filled in Delpatch.

The former home of the legendary Strategic Air Command during the Cold War era, Carswell Air Force Base became the first Joint Reserve Base in 1994.

“This project extends the life of the runway by another 20+ years,” said the base’s director of facilities, engineering and procurement, Lieutenant Isaac Leskovat.

With the exception of five days in December when the runway was closed when base personnel crossed the runway to collect foreign objects (FOD), all repairs were made on the active runway.

“It was a challenging project, but worth it to help support the Navy and the F-35 program,” Fuller said. “Supporting our armed forces is something we take very seriously.”

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