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Near-record highs Wednesday, then 30 this weekend

On Tuesday, DFW set a record high temperature of 83, beating the previous record of 79 set in 2017. Wednesday is another unseasonably warm day with a high of 80 degrees. The Wednesday record is 83, set in 1911.

There will be a sharp cold snap on Thursday when the highs return to the 50s for a couple of days. Highs should recover to the 60s and 70s this weekend. The weekend looks dry, with only light rain possible early next week.

Latest forecast

  • THIS NIGHT: Clear to partly cloudy and moderate. Low: 54. Wind: SW 10-15 m/s.
  • WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy and record warm winds. Altitude: 83. Wind: SW 10-20 m/s.
  • THURSDAY: Much cooler and windy with sunshine. Low: 44. High: 57. Wind: NW 10-20 mph.
  • FRIDAY: Sunny and cool. Low: 37. High: 58. Wind: N 5-10 m/s.
  • SATURDAY: Sunny, windy and pleasant. Low: 38. High: 65. Wind: South, 10-20 mph.
  • SUNDAY: Partly cloudy, windy and moderate. Low: 48. High: 71. Wind: South, 15-25 mph.
  • MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY: Partly cloudy, chance of rain 20%. Low: 56. High: 72. Wind: South, 10-20 mph.
  • TUESDAY: Partly cloudy. Low: 52. High: 71. Wind: SW 5-10 m/s.
  • WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain. Low: 50. High: 70. Wind: NW 10-15 mph.
  • THURSDAY: Partly cloudy. Low: 48. High: 68. Wind: 3 5-10 mph.
  • FRIDAY: partly cloudy and mild. Low: 46. High: 68. Wind: SW 5-10 m/s.

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