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Nevada County Police Blotter: Big pig in the driveway | News


Grass Valley Police Department

1:07 – A caller from Old Tunnel Road reported that several individuals jumped over the balcony and passed things back and forth. The caller thought it was drug related.

10:16 – A caller from South Auburn Street reported a burglary that took place Friday night. The caller said they had video surveillance installed.

10:38 – A caller from East McKnight Way said the unsub was camping out. The caller advised them to move the day before, but they did not.

16:01 – A caller from East Main Street reported that a passer-by had been there for several hours with bags all over the place and taking up two parking spaces. Subject yelled at things and movement.

19:12 – A caller from Sutton Way reported that a car that looked like a sports car was making donuts in the parking lot.

21:12 – A caller from Hughes Road stated that they were passing by and saw a man who appeared to be arguing with an employee. The caller stated that the subject slammed the door and threw objects, and the caller could hear the subject’s screams.

22:56 – A caller from North Church Street reported that two grown men had come to her porch. The caller opened the door and asked what they were doing and they just left without recognizing her. The caller was concerned that “this is not the best area” and she was scared. The caller requested an area check.

Nevada City Police Department

4:26 – A caller from West Main Street in Grass Valley reported that a man was trying to get inside. The caller heard him knocking on the door. The caller then stated that she knew the subject, but was not invited. The caller thought the man was wearing pepper spray.

10:36 – A caller from Brock Road reported an ongoing problem with a stray dog ​​in the neighborhood. The caller was with his children and dogs and the dog came after the caller and chased and barked at them.

17:52 – The caller from Gold Flat Road reported that the car swerved across the roadway and stopped on the roadway for no reason.

Nevada County Sheriff’s Office

8:05 – A caller from Rattlesnake Road requested assistance regarding a landlord in a house she is cleaning who claimed the caller stole from her. The caller stated that the landlord told her that God showed her what the caller stole from her in a vision. The caller stated that she did not steal and wanted information about harassment and slander.

9:55 – A caller from Combi Road reported a catalytic converter stolen from a van.

11:21 – The caller from Wolf Road reported a suspicious object at the end of the driveway. The caller stated that they released their three dogs, but only two returned. One was missing. The caller was given the number of the caller who found the dog and they were on their way to get it back.

11:43 – A caller from Valley Drive said a squatter was living in the vacant house. The caller stated that the unsub was in a wheelchair and mentioned starting a marijuana farm and making millions.

15:07 – A caller from Wolf Road reported a male subject who had been stumbling around in the area all day. The subject dug in the dirt, and then moved out into the middle of the movement. Another caller reported that the same subject was in the middle of the highway.

15:58 – A South Lakeshore caller reported hearing a man scream, “No, please stop!”

17:25 – The caller from Carrie Drive claimed to have purchased a vehicle from the subject over two years ago, and the subject now stated that the caller still owed money and threatened to report a stolen truck.

19:01 – The caller from Perimeter Road reported a very large pig in the middle of the road.

20:03 – A caller from Combi Road reported that the man looked very disoriented, touching other people’s cars and talking to himself. The caller was uncomfortable asking the man to leave due to his strange behavior.

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