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Grass Valley Police Department

7:43 – A caller from Valley View Drive said they had flat tires and a broken windshield.

11:12 – A caller from Railroad Avenue asked for help with a fuel theft. The caller requested additional patrols in the area during the night.

13:26 – The caller from Central Avenue reported that the drinking fountain was stuck and pumping water at full capacity.

15:49 – A caller from North Church Street reported that several vehicles had blocked the road. The caller said that the vehicles had never moved and were currently blocking the road.

19:14 – A caller from Sutton Way said the man was refusing to leave the store. Subject pushed and stole from client. According to the caller, the unsub took the customer’s cart, shouted and caused disturbance. Subject was in the parking lot at the time of the call after being asked to leave three times.

23:08 – A caller from Sutton Way reported that a backpack had been left in the parking lot. The caller wanted to check the backpack to make sure it was free of explosives, as the unsub had broken into the business earlier that day and threatened to blow up the place. The owner of the backpack appeared and took it away.

Nevada City Police Department

15:20 – A caller from Zion Street said the man was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk setting things on fire.

22:16 – A caller from Broad Street said the woman had just punched the man in the face and the man was bleeding from his eye.

Nevada County Sheriff’s Office

00:36 – The caller from Brooks Road called and was angry and almost unintelligible, saying something about someone leaving for three weeks.

7:40 – A caller from Coyote Street reported ice on the roadway.

11:48 – A caller from Riata Way reported a catalytic converter stolen from his motorhome.

14:23 – The caller from West Hacienda Drive said she had a horse grazing in her yard, and someone drove up and opened the gate, let the horse out and closed the gate behind her.

16:49 – A caller from Fair Oaks Drive said she had received information that deputies were at her home twice with weapons at the ready around the house.

18:23 – A caller from Tree Top Circle reported that someone was standing near the address holding a rifle. The caller was in the car and was afraid to convey the topic. The caller said that he did not recognize the subject as a neighbor, and that the subject was facing an apartment building with an open garage door. Another caller reported the same.

19:54 – An open line call heard someone say “Oh my gosh” and then hung up. When calling back, it was found that the phone heard the TV tell Siri to call 911.

Grass Valley Police Department

11:25 – A caller from Linden Avenue reported an injured cat in the yard.

15:38 – The caller from South Auburn Street reported that the pickup was parked in front of a No Parking sign and partially blocked the road.

17:27 – A caller from Freeman Lane reported a box full of white powder in a dumpster. The caller was concerned that it was fentanyl.

18:25 – A caller from Gates Place reported that someone dived under the wheels of several cars and did something to them. The caller spoke incoherently and could not explain what had been done, but now their machines were not working properly. Although the caller admitted that he had run out of gas, he stated many things that did not match.

Nevada City Police Department

10:37 – A caller from Broad Street said the man was yelling at cars on the road.

17:33 – The caller from Railroad Avenue said there were people in the slums on the corner. Law enforcement advised the caller not to be around and to call if she saw anyone.

Nevada County Sheriff’s Office

6:25 – The caller from Woodside Lane was out of breath and said that someone was in his house. The caller said that he had been gone for several weeks, he was now at home and could hear someone inside. The caller disconnected after providing a different address than the one displayed on the dispatcher’s incoming call screen.

9:51 – A caller from Driftwood Court requested a health check on an employee he hadn’t heard from in over two weeks. Contact was made with the nanny who stated that the homeowners were all right and had gone on vacation.

13:35 – The caller from Donner Pass Road asked for the number of Donner Ski Ranch because the bindings on her rented skis didn’t work and she wanted to be picked up.

13:36 – A caller from Cattle Drive reported a van “like one that can be used to cook meth” and a vehicle with the subject’s campsite and items around it. The caller asked to be moved.

16:22 – The caller from Pleasant Valley Road said she found what she thought were human bones. The caller was a nurse and he was pretty sure it was a human.

18:28 – A caller from Fuller Lake reported that her car had been broken into while they were snowshoeing. Everything was removed from the car, including her wallet, and her credit card payments were made in Roseville. The thief entered through a broken rear window.

21:21 – The caller from Bonanza Way said the car had just parked at the end of the road where she turns into the dirt and she could see some flashlights there.

Grass Valley Police Department

9:23 – A caller from East Main Street reported that a Door Dash customer began yelling and yelling at the menu board due to a discrepancy between the online menu and the in-person menu. The subject yelled at the manager, and when the caller came close to the driveway window, the subject grabbed him and hit the caller’s arm, cutting it.

13:47 – A caller from Sutton Way said the puppies were handed out in front of the store. The caller stated that it was illegal to give away animals in front of the business. The caller was concerned that several passers-by were taking puppies.

17:53 – A CHP officer on duty reported a driver misconduct on Highway 20/49 on Dorsey Drive.

18:01 – The caller from Mill Street said she was out for a walk when she heard a guy yelling at an employee. The caller had no further information.

Nevada City Police Department

7:50 – A caller from Coyote Street reported that four bystanders were sleeping in the lobby of the post office, preventing people from receiving mail.

14:01 – The caller from Highway 20/49 reported that the vehicle was moving erratically and the license plate was hanging from the rear windshield on a wire.

18:58 – A caller from Broad Street said the man had put himself on public display.

Nevada County Sheriff’s Office

11:59 – The caller from Eaglepine Place reported a disturbance of the peace. She thought she heard concrete mixers. From her testimony, the caller believed that they were making hashish.

12:11 – A caller from the Indian Springs Road Ranch said that a bellied pig lived on his property. The caller had no pasture to keep a pig.

13:28 – The East Empire Street caller reported that the unsub was illegally chopping wood, and the caller confronted him and took a picture, then claimed that the unsub was chasing him with a chainsaw.

14:40 – A caller from Sacramento reported that his friend had been scratched by a cat and was bleeding uncontrollably. The call was transferred to the Sacramento police.

3:30 pm – Anne Lane, who called from Carrie, said she heard someone fire a gun from somewhere in the mobile home park. Only one shot was heard.

17:44 – A caller from Highway 49 on Auburn Road reported that a man was sitting or lying on the white line, creating a traffic hazard.

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