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New aviation training center opens in Las Vegas to help pilot shortage


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (FOX5) – A state-of-the-art pilot training center has opened near Harry Reid International Airport, helping thousands of pilots take to the skies every year.

The CAE Training Center in Las Vegas opened last fall and can train 2,500 pilots annually.

Pilots can come straight from work to any local Las Vegas airport and train in the 50,000-square-foot facility on eight different aircraft simulators. Each simulator can digitally reproduce runways and various conditions at airports around the world. The FAA approves pilot training in simulators and also requires regular training.

“Vegas is a very strategic place. It’s very easy for pilots to get in and out of Las Vegas,” said CAE’s Ash Zareh. “Whether it’s an airline or a business operator, you need to go to a training center like this where we’ll teach you how to fly that particular aircraft you’re going to fly,” he said. The center serves training on business jets.

Pilots can be trained on new types of aircraft to perform various jobs and tasks.

Zareh said that Las Vegas is also a center for employees of various specialties: simulator instructors, aircraft technicians and engineers. The Valley also has many military veterans with such skills.

“I retired from the Air Force. [CAE] gave me the opportunity to move to the position of an expert in information technology and aviation,” said pilot Jim Chittenden. “Most veterans are passionate about serving and living meaningful lives. And when they transfer from the military, the CAE aviation security mission becomes the perfect place for them to land,” he said.

The CAE training center in Las Vegas has hired 70 employees and plans to hire more than two dozen people.

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