New details of 7-Eleven murder in Las Vegas emerge


A week after a man was fatally shot at a 7-Eleven, an undercover cop watching something unrelated spotted a man spray-painting graffiti on a wall east of downtown Las Vegas.

According to the police arrest report, it was this apparently chance encounter that led to the man’s arrest in connection with the fatal shooting.

Ricardo Ruiz, 37, was shot multiple times at a 7-Eleven store at 1101 E. Bonanza Road, near North Maryland Parkway, on Nov. 20, according to the Clark County Coroner’s Office.

It is not clear from the arrest report, which contained several corrections, whether Ruiz was an employee or a customer at the store.

According to police, two shooters were involved in the attack. Shooting was carried out through the shop window. Investigators seized 15 9mm shell casings from the scene.

Ruiz was taken to the university medical center, where he died on November 27.

Edwin Medrano-Sanchez, 18, was arrested on 9 January.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department’s arrest report, Medrano-Sanchez’s possible arrest was initiated by a detective who saw the man paint a wall at 14th Street and E. Mesquite Avenue at around 8:10 p.m. on November 26. .

The man then got into a dark blue Nissan, the report said. The police tried to stop the car, but it took off and the police lost sight of it.

But the officers reviewed the car’s records. They also saw that the car’s license plate, when requested through the license plate reader, was captured in a photograph parked on Pecos Road in Las Vegas.

The car looked like the same car in which the suspects had quarreled with the victim 7-11 hours before the shooting. Surveillance cameras at the store showed the four men had an argument with the victim at a 7-Eleven hours earlier on the day of the shooting.

Someone in the store, possibly the victim — who exactly is not clear in the arrest report because the name was redacted — pulled out a gun during an argument, causing the four men to leave the store.

It appears that the men got into the Nissan with a distinct white lettering on the bottom of the windshield, a message that was also removed from the police report.

But it looked like the same vehicle the police had seen on the license plate reader. Police also noticed a car parked at the redacted address and also determined that Medrano-Sanchez may have lived at that address—information that was also unclear from the arrest report.

As a result of a search warrant in the home on January 5, a gun was found in Medrano-Sanchez’s closet. The gun matched the description of one of the guns used in the 7-Eleven shooting.

In police interrogation, according to Metro’s arrest report, a detective asked Medrano-Sanchez if the shooting was in self-defense or something more than what was caught on video.

Police said Medrano-Sanchez then confessed to the shooting, according to the arrest report.

According to court records, Medrano-Sanchez is charged with open murder, conspiracy to commit murder, firing a pistol at an occupied building, and assault with a deadly weapon.

He remains in custody, with his next trial date set for Thursday.

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