New leader in Formosa

Rivet named chief executive

This week, Formosa announced the Rivet-ing promotion.

Mike Rivet will formally assume the role of CEO and facility manager of Formosa Plastics Corporation, Texas at Point Comfort.

He replaces Vice President and General Manager Rick Crabtree, who is retiring.

Rivet graduated from Louisiana State University in 1984 and joined Formosa Plastics Corporation, Louisiana in 1985. While at Baton Rouge, he continued to receive promotions between 1990 and 1992, leading the security department.

In October 1992, Rivet’s experience in health and safety and exceptional leadership led him to join Formosa Plastics Corporation, Texas as Director of Health and Safety.

While at Point Comfort, he continued to hold various leadership roles until his last position as Senior Director of the CEO’s office.

Rivet worked closely with outgoing Vice President and General Manager Rick Crabtree for many years.

He said he is looking forward to his new role as chief executive and business manager and looks forward to a smooth transition.

In addition to being a valued manager at Formosa Plastics Corporation, Texas, Rivet is also an active member of the Calhoun, Jackson, and Victoria, Texas communities.

He currently serves as a director on the boards of directors of the Port Lavac Rotary Club, the University of Houston Victoria Regional Presidential Advisory Board (PRAB), and the College of Victoria Education Foundation.

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