New Texas law could extend gun privileges to public schools

TECHARCANA, Texas. Texas Senate Bill 354, which would allow guns to be carried on public school campuses, was filed this week in the state capital of Austin, causing some controversy.

The bill is an addition to the original 2015 Bill 354, which was passed as the “Campus Carry” bill introduced by Senator Bob Hall of Edgewood. This allows licensed gun owners to carry concealed handguns on university and college campuses, and extends the same privilege to all Texas public and charter school campuses.

Hall told ABC in 2021: “Schools known as gun-free zones may also put up a neon sign that says, ‘If you want to hurt kids, come here.’ The more people who can protect, the safer our society.”

According to the Dallas Observer, some teachers have expressed concerns about guns on public school campuses, citing the inexperience of licensed gun bearers with little combat training, fears of casual gun handling, and fear of the danger of more guns being present during chaotic riots. event.

If the new bill 354 is passed, it will come into force on 1 September.

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