NM AG challenges abortion bans


NM AG challenges abortion ban

New Mexico Attorney General Raul Torres yesterday filed an emergency lawsuit in the state Supreme Court against the counties of Roosevelt, Lea, and the cities of Hobbs and Clovis for enacting ordinances restricting access to reproductive health services in their communities. In the court order, the AG writes that New Mexico’s constitution “provides broader protections for the rights of the individual” than the U.S. constitution, and that local government regulations violate the state’s “protections of equality, liberty, privacy, and inalienable rights” under the state constitution. Local governments imposed a ban on abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade last June. However, New Mexico prior to the SCOTUS action lifted its own outdated ban, thereby codifying the right to abortion in the state. “This is not Texas,” Torres said. “Our state constitution does not allow cities, counties, or individuals to restrict women’s reproductive rights. Today’s action should send a strong signal that my office will use all available tools to swiftly and decisively defend individual freedoms from unconstitutional abuses.” Torres contends that “the actions of local governments also exceed their power to legislate on matters of national concern in respect of which the Legislature has preempted local regulation.” Two additional bills codifying abortion rights in New Mexico, both supported by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, will be introduced in this legislative session. In his court order, Torres is asking the state Supreme Court to overturn the rulings and bar local governments from “engaging in unconstitutional activities.”

Judge orders GOP shooter to be held pending trial

Second Circuit Judge David Murphy yesterday denied bail to Solomon Peña, who is accused of organizing a shooting at the homes of Democratic lawmakers. The Associated Press reports that Pena’s attorney questioned the credibility of a confidential witness who shared information with authorities, and argued that Peña’s criminal history is not related to either violent convictions or firearms-related crimes. In addition, according to Roberta Jurcic, Peña tried to improve his life after serving a prison sentence in 2016 for various non-violent crimes. “He got his bachelor’s degree, bought a house, worked a full-time job,” she said. “I feel like Mr. Peña cares about this community and that’s why he ran for office.” murphy, Albuquerque Journal reports, did not hesitate, stating after the hearing: “Based on the nature and circumstances of the charge, and the defendant’s own history as a convicted felon, and the allegations of possession and use of an assault rifle, and the allegation that he provided firearms to his conspirators, I really believe that the state has fulfilled its burden.”

Chef Jambo reopens the Bobcat Bite

Jambo Cafe Chef Ahmed Obo has bought and will reopen the Bobcat Bite Cafe on the Old Las Vegas Highway. Santa Fe New Mexico reports that Obo, who completed the purchase in November, expects Bobcat to resume operations in March. “Six months ago he came and asked for our blessing,” former co-owner Bonnie Ekre told the newspaper. She and her husband John own the Santa Fe Bite restaurant. “We are very excited. I can’t think of anyone that fits better. I know he will do it fairly.” For his part, Obo — a longtime SFR Best of the Best winner — tells the newspaper that he wanted to expand beyond the mall’s Jambo and have a stand-alone building with an air of, “I wanted something more standout.” African landscape,” said Obo, originally from Kenya. “This is my dream idea – trees, mountains.” Obo, whose fame extends far beyond Santa Fe, recently appeared on Guy Fieri’s channel. Triple D Nationand also appeared on the show in 2013. Last year, Obo was nominated for Best Chef in the Southwest at the James Beard Awards.

Sober in the denouement?

Despite a dry January, State Senator Harold Pope, D-Albuquerque, proposes a more complete abstinence in his House. Senate Resolution 1 prohibits state senators from drinking before or during committee meetings or meetings. “Honestly, I just saw some things that I consider unprofessional for our work,” said Pope. Albuquerque Journal yesterday. “I think there should be some standards. I don’t think we’re going to let anyone in the state government take a break before doing state business.” It appears that neither the Senate nor the House of Representatives have any rules in place regarding the use of alcohol. Pope’s proposal was taken to the Senate Rules Committee, where at least one Republican questioned its necessity: “I didn’t see anything myself that could be a problem,” said state senator Cliff Pirtle of Roswell. However, Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth, Democrat from Santa Fe, said it’s worth talking about banning alcohol. Not surprisingly, many years ago, Wirth decided to stop drinking during parliamentary sessions. In addition to the highest alcohol-related death rate in the U.S., New Mexico has had three lawmakers charged with drunk driving since 2018.

COVID-19 in numbers

Posted January 23: New cases: 367 (including holidays); A total of 663,663 cases. Lethal outcomes: five; A total of 385 people died in Santa Fe County; A total of 8,924 people died across the state. across the state hospitalizations: 65. Patients on ventilators: six

The latest “community levels” map from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Jan. 19 shows one county categorized as “yellow” – medium risk – for COVID-19: Roosevelt County. The rest of the state, including Santa Fe County, is green, meaning low risk. Relevant guidelines for each level can be found here.

Resources: Get four free COVID-19 home tests per household through; Check for more free COVID-19 tests through Project ACT; an interactive CDC tool to validate compliance; registration of vaccine and booster dose of NM DOH; CDC Interactive Isolation and Impact Tool; Information about COVID-19 treatment; NMDOH Immunodeficiency Toolkit. People seeking treatment who do not have a healthcare provider can call the NMDOH COVID-19 Helpline at 1-855-600-3453. The Department of Health encourages residents to download the NM Notify app and report positive COVID-19 home tests on the app.

You can read all SFR reporting on COVID-19 here.


The Food Depot’s annual Souper Bowl returns after a two-year hiatus and takes place in just a few days, starting Saturday, January 28 at noon at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. Need to be persuaded to buy tickets to the tastiest fundraiser in town? In a recent episode of Cheryl Jamieson warm up podcast, The Food Depot Associate Director Jill Dixon describes what to expect at the event and discusses the rescue work The Food Depot is doing (don’t sleep with these tickets; VIP tickets are already sold out).

Honoring Vaccaro

Speaking of the countdown, the exhibition dedicated to renowned photographer Tony Vaccaro at the Monroe Photography Gallery in Santa Fe (112 Don Gaspar) is on display for five more days until January 29th. month – in honor of the 100th anniversary of Vaccaro; the photographer died on December 28, just eight days after his centenary, which he celebrated in New York with friends at a surprise birthday dinner. AND The newspaper “New York Times The obituary tells how Vaccaro became a war photographer during World War II, which is also the subject of a 2016 HBO documentary. After the war, he changed and began taking fashion, travel and celebrity photographs for the country’s leading magazines. Among these celebrities was Georgia O’Keeffe, who Life the magazine commissioned Vaccaro to photograph in 1960. O’Keeffe was expecting a more famous photographer and initially refused to pose: “To win her over, Mr. Vaccaro cooked and had a picnic. When the weather got too windy for a picnic, he gave her a plate of Swiss cheese as she sat in the back seat of his car. And when she playfully peeked through the hole in the piece of cheese, Mr. Vaccaro began to act, ”the obituary says. His other notable characters included John F. Kennedy, Pablo Picasso, and Sophia Loren, just to name a few. This quote from Vaccaro accompanies Monroe’s information about the exhibition: “We call each other Germans, French, Italians. There is no Italian blood. There is no French blood. This is human blood. There is only one humanity on this Earth. Let’s do something about it. Let’s live! In a way, photography was my way of saying to the world, “We have better things to do than kill ourselves.”

eye of the beholder

Were we initially surprised that Santa Fe didn’t show up on Drivelist of 10 most beautiful cities in new mexico? Indeed, but then we realized a. Santa Fe qualifies as a city, not a city, and b. Santa Fe doesn’t need to prove to us that it’s beautiful to strangers. That being said, we agree that New Mexico does boast “some of the most breathtaking places in America” ​​and that much of its “unique charm” can be found in its small towns. Do we think Galisteo at spot #10 counts as a city? Of course, why not. Taos, in ninth place, definitely does, and we’d say it offers a little more fun than Galisteo (with all due respect to the Galisteo Basin Conservancy and State Rep. Matthew McQueen, D-Galisteo). We won’t spoil the whole list, but let’s move on to the top three: Roswell, a chronic hit among UFO enthusiasts, also gains acclaim for its restaurants and nearby wildlife sanctuary and comes in at number three. Red River, “an ideal destination for outdoor adventure travelers,” comes in second; and Chimayo, a city with “a long and fascinating history”, takes the top spot.

Cold reception

The National Weather Service is predicting more cloud cover today with high temperatures around 38 degrees and northerly winds of 10 to 20 mph. We have a 40% chance of snow showers tonight with a potential accumulation of about an inch (much more in other parts of the state). There is still a chance of snow tomorrow, but the rest of the week looks sunny, albeit frosty.

Thank you for reading! Having recently encountered murder articles about chatGPT, Word finally reluctantly registered and asked the AI ​​to write a poem about Santa Fe. Here is the ode:

Santa Fe, land of mud bricks and blue skies, is a city rich in culture and history.

From the Square to Canyon Road Art and beauty will always be bestowed.

The Sangre de Cristo mountains in the distance, a view that leaves one in a state of perseverance.

The smell of roasted green chillies in the air, A reminder of the flavors that are always there.

Streets with shops and galleries, Treasury for all who see.

Santa Fe, a place of peace and tranquility, a city that will forever remain a special place in me.

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