NPC partners with UAM to offer a 4-year business degree


National Park College announced Tuesday that it has teamed up with the University of Arkansas at Monticello to offer a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree on campus this fall.

“We understand that students earning certificates that lead to more income is really what we all do,” said NPC President John Hogan. “It helps our economy, improves our quality of life, puts you as students on a higher trajectory, and it’s worth the effort. And we are grateful to UAFM for being here today.”

Hogan noted that as potential UAM students, once they graduate from NPC and wish to continue at NPC to study business administration, they will have the same privileges as NPC students on campus.

“You will really be NPC and UAM students,” he said. “A four-year degree means you, as a student, no longer have to move or commute to work and can complete your bachelor’s degree here in person.”

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Following an early morning press conference at the University of Arkansas Little Rock’s System Cammack campus on Tuesday, representatives from both colleges joined students and community members for a public announcement at the NPC student residence that same day. Also on hand were the Nighthawk cheerleaders, the Nighthawk mascot, and the UAM Boll Weevil mascot.

According to the press release, students will pay tuition at NPC rates for the first two years and then at UAM tuition rates for junior and senior years. Students in the program will have access to all services and resources from both schools and will receive an associate’s degree from NPC and a bachelor’s degree from UAM.

UAM Chancellor Peggy Doss said UAM is thrilled to be part of the partnership.

“We know the quality of education at National Park College and the hard work that goes into faculty and staff,” she said. “And in this model, you can get your 55 hours, your associate’s degree, here on this campus, and seamlessly transition to a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Arkansas Monticello. And you don’t have to leave this area to do so.”

Doss said the model is called the “campus within a campus model” and the future of higher education will be partnerships and collaborations.

She further announced that UAM would offer a $3,000 per semester Nighthawk Transfer Scholarship to NPC students to help offset tuition fees. To be eligible, students must complete 55 credit hours and maintain a 3.5 GPA.

“This is a great day for Nighthawk Nation,” said NPC student government president Tianna Lindsey.

“I am proud to be part of a campus that puts the needs of our students first and is always looking for ways to expand our reach. We are grateful to our partners at UAM for providing such a generous scholarship package and we look forward to seeing what impact this will have on our community.”

The University of Arkansas Monticello mascot (far left) joins National Park College cheerleaders and its mascot on Tuesday afternoon at the NPC Student Residence to announce the two schools’ four-year business partnership. – Photo by Lance Porter from Sentinel-Record.

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