Nueces County Library Program Encourages Pre-Kindergarten Reading

Nueces County Public Libraries launched an early literacy program encouraging children to read 1,000 books before they start kindergarten after receiving a government grant.

With a $10,000 Texas Reads grant from the Texas Library and Archives Commission, the library is offering patrons backpacks filled with books that families can check out at the Keech Family Library in Robstown and read with their children.

“They can still browse the library because there are books in our collection, but if they need to pick up and go, this is an easier way to do it,” said library assistant director Crystal Drillen.

The books range from baby-friendly board books to early reading books that a 5 year old might enjoy.

There are 10 books in each backpack and families will read 1000 books if they check all 100 backpacks.

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