On October 1, the Committee hears semi-finalists about ideas for a permanent memorial.


LAS VEGAS (CLASS) — On October 1, the committee plans to create a memorial in memory of the dead and pay tribute to the victims, survivors and heroes of that tragic day.

One of five submitted designs will be selected for a permanent memorial on October 1 in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, the final design teams presented their ideas to the committee.

“I thank you in advance for the work you will do, and I ask that during your journey you take the time to get to know the 58 people you seek to honor,” said Terry Davis, an October 1 survivor.

The teams included professional designers and even a Nevada-licensed architect.

“Our goal is to create a world in the midst of the pain we call infinite memory,” said Derek Sola of JCJ Architecture. “This is an eternal memory for those who died so senselessly that day.”

Christopher Torres of Aaron Neubert Architects and studio STIGSGAARD ​​said he was hoping for more public opinion.

“We want to make sure that all voices are heard and represented and that our most current priorities are reflected in this project,” Torres added.

Members of each of the five teams spoke about their possible ideas for the project.

Jessica Henson of OLIN wanted the memorial to stay alive for future generations.

“Just think how this is becoming the place of the future. A place of healing, a meeting place, a place to look forward together,” she said.

Over the next four months, the five semi-finalist teams will develop their proposals, which will be presented this summer.

The finalist will be sent to the county commission to build a permanent memorial.

The next committee meeting on October 1 will be held on Wednesday, February 22.

For more information about the October 1st memorial, click HERE.

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