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On other days


100 years ago

January 24, 1923

• The University of Arkansas Relocation Association, an organization that aims to move the University of Arkansas from Fayetteville to Little Rock, was perfected at a meeting yesterday afternoon at the Marin Hotel. Judge Frank Milvey of Clarendon, secretary of the association, said that men representing the state’s 41 districts were represented, and that most of them are not residents of Little Rock. … Judge Milvey said it is hoped the action will spur the people of Little Rock to begin an organized effort to get a bill through the current legislature that would allow the state’s people to vote on the vital issue of abolishing the university. .

50 years ago

January 24, 1973

• There were no surprises after Monday’s public hearing by District Judge Frank McKee on the proposed inclusion of the city of “South Little Rock.” That is, the arguments against incorporation remain as strong as ever. Judge McKee himself says he has listened to the filings “with an open mind”, which no doubt means he will deny the request when his decision is announced later this week. The creation of a new city by any reasonable measure would be contrary to the interests of all persons residing in the Pulaski County metropolitan area. … The City of Little Rock is studying an annexation proposal that would transfer “South Little Rock” as well as other areas to a municipality that is ready to immediately provide residents with first-class city services (in all its meanings). attached.

25 years ago

January 24, 1998

RUSSELVILLE — Weyerhaeuser Corp. will apply to the city’s planning committee on Monday for approval to build a woodchip plant that will primarily serve the Japanese paper industry. Company officials told a commission subcommittee on Thursday that Weyerhaeuser will operate the plant in an environmentally friendly manner and the plant will not create significant noise or traffic problems. But some environmentalists and others fear that running the mill, along with two similar mills already in operation in the state, will clear large tracts of land, damaging wildlife habitat. The Planning Commission has the authority to approve the permit or refer the matter to the Russellville City Council for approval. Chip mills grind trees into small chips to make paper, and such mills may use lower quality wood than sawmills.

10 years ago

January 24, 2013

• The Little Rock School District conducted a survey of parents and teachers this week to gauge their support for placing armed guards in elementary schools. Under a plan proposed by Superintendent Morris Holmes, the district would place an armed civilian guard at every school not staffed by a Little Rock police officer. The school board will review this plan, which also requires 10 additional unarmed guards throughout the district, at today’s regular meeting.

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