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Opinion: School voucher program will weaken public education

Texas legislators are considering school voucher programs among other proposed laws, and every Texan should know this is a bad idea. Why? Because school voucher programs originated in the Jim Crow South to maintain racial segregation and not improve student achievement.

Voucher programs allow parents to use taxpayer money to subsidize private school education, aid that often comes in the form of private school tuition fees, tax credits, or scholarships. Proponents of vouchers are ignoring research showing their shortcomings and rebranding them as a mechanism to encourage parental “choice”.

The choice that the vouchers represent is a farce. No sane Texan wants to choose an education policy that doesn’t work, defunds public education, encourages discrimination against disabled children, and uses tax dollars to subsidize the education of wealthy families who are already sending their children to private schools. The vouchers are a scam because that is exactly what will happen if they are passed in this legislative session.

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