Pastor says Pasadena church was razed to the ground less than a year after opening

The pastor of the church said the building was demolished less than a year after it opened.

PASADENA, Texas. The meetinghouse will rely on faith to overcome what Mother Nature brought to Pasadena on Tuesday.

“It was a great blessing that no one was hurt,” said Mouth of God Pastor Winston Cooper.

He said he started the church last February. Less than a year later, he copes with a devastating tornado.

“Because our goal was to really empower this community in Pasadena,” Cooper said.

The entire community is in need of prayers after a storm that city officials say they have never seen before.

“I’m going to come out and say we’ve never had a tornado like this in Pasadena with this much damage,” Mayor Jeff Wagner said. and we’ll deal with it.”

Wagner and others considered it a miracle that no one was seriously injured or killed.

“I mean, we were lucky, very lucky,” said local resident Lester Love. “I’ve never been in a tornado like this, man.”

Love hid in an indoor bathroom with his wife and two dogs just before the tornado left a trail of destruction in the Fairmont Estates area.

“We went out and everything was gone,” Love said.

The Lavas said they had lost their previous home to a fire and were happy to walk away from another disaster with their lives spared.

The catastrophe will test the will of many.

“We fight our faith by trusting God,” Cooper said. “And we’re trying to see if we can get support wherever we can.”

The Salvation Army, the Academy and others distributed supplies in Pasadena on Wednesday. A second emergency shelter was also opened.

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