Pearce Lane Improvements for Del Valle

DEL VALLE, TX (KXAN) – Roads in Del Valle, starting at Pierce Lane, are undergoing major improvements.

KXAN Traffic Leader Erika Brennes announces upcoming changes to make driving, walking and cycling safer in Del Valle.

In Travis East County, near the airport, on the American continent highway, and now in Tesla, you will find the community of Del Valle.

While business growth in this part of Austin has been very buoyant, the roads have been hit hard. Especially Pierce Lane.

Brad Willis, spokesman for TxDOT, said: “Right in this area you have schools, there is a lot of housing development. So you have a lot of people who don’t just get in their cars and drive to work every day. But you have families who want to ride a bike with their kids, or people who just want to just walk down the street. And so it’s going to provide that opportunity for them. So this project is really for all road users.”

The Texas Department of Transportation will add two lanes to Pierce Lane from Kellam Road to Wolf Lane, as well as an elevated median, sidewalks, and bike lanes, making this three-mile stretch of road much safer for people living outside of the Pierce.

“This is a partnership between TxDOT and Travis County to expand Pierce Lane from Kellam Road to the Bastrop County line. We are seeing great growth in this area. This means that there are more cars on the road. And it’s time to widen that roadway,” Willis said.

Construction is expected to begin in 2026 at a cost of $42.4 million.

Road improvements in Del Valle are not limited to Pierce Lane.

Next up is Ross Road between Pierce and Highway 71, where you’ll find Del Valle Elementary and High School, a road officially classified by the city of Austin as substandard.

If you missed this week’s Pierce Lane open house, you can still comment online and view the virtual version of the plan. On January 18, the City of Austin is hosting an open house to discuss improvements on Ross Road at 6:00 pm at the Del Valle Opportunity Center.

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