Persons off the field: Anna Rod, senior center, Dripping Springs

What is your favorite Dripping Springs memory?

He went to A&M and Baylor two years in a row at the start of the Thanksgiving break. We had a team connection, we went to lunch, we saw two women’s basketball teams play, and we had field trips to both schools.

Have you learned any lessons from basketball that you apply in your daily life?

It taught me the aspects of teamwork. My team is working very well together this year because we are all on the same wavelength. … We play together, spend time together, make the most of our strengths together, not apart.

What will you miss the most in high school when you graduate?

I will miss my city the most. I love dripping. I’ve been here since 3 years. This year I’m moving into (grade) 6A and I’m so proud of us. Not only my team and my sport, but all sports and everything we have achieved.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I have many colleges between which I now choose. I have been accepted into some of them, but I am waiting for a response from a few more. But I plan to specialize in business management or follow the path of a lawyer.

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