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Pflugerville businesses grant holiday wishes to 7 families in need

Financial pressures have taken their toll on families this holiday season, but four businesses have brought holiday wishes to families.

Through the collaboration of Pflugerville’s Bodies by Design, Rabadi Jujitsu & Mui Thai and Brotheron’s Black Iron Barbecue, and Summit Travel & Tours of Round Rock, seven families received gifts, gift cards and donations to help them through the holiday season. In addition, the businesses have raised more than $10,000 that will go to help Central Texas families who need help with renting a home.

A parent of a family assisted by the Bodies by Design fitness center in Pflugerville said any donation received was helpful as they couldn’t afford Christmas gifts.

“This year has been a tough one with being forced to move and try to provide transportation for me to keep working and also trying to catch up on bills,” said the parent, who asked not to be named. “Children will have gifts to open Christmas. This is a real blessing and we are very grateful!”

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