Photo of a UFO over a Juarez Bravos football match?

Is it a UFO? Mote? Deception?

The borderlands of El Paso Juarez attract travelers from all over the world. How about out of this world?

Professional soccer team FC Juárez Bravos on Tuesday shared a photo taken by a fan of a UFO – or something similar – supposedly flying high above their stadium during their Saturday game against the Tijuana-based Xolos.

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The photo shows the bright yellow sun beginning to set behind the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium, with downtown El Paso to the right of the stadium, near the border. A close-up of a small dark speck next to the sun looks like a flying saucer.

“Help, Jaime Mossan,” FC Juarez said, referring to Mexico’s most famous ufologist, in an ironic tweet complete with flying saucer and alien emoji. “A fan sent us this photo that he took during a game against Xolos, where a UFO can supposedly be seen. Is it (UFO) or not?

Maybe it’s a pandemic, political unrest, or these times of uncertainty, but the photo was taken at a time of renewed interest in UFOs.

The US government has received more than 500 UFO reports, according to a recently released declassified version of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s annual report.

Since 2021 alone, hundreds of UFOs have been reported, referred to in a government report as “Unidentified Air Phenomena” (UAPs). The US Southwest and Mexico have long been a magnet for strange sightings.

Archives:1964: Eight El Paso high school students report sighting a “flying saucer”.

In Mexico, the UFO is known as OVNI, an acronym for Objeto Volador No Identificado (Spanish for unidentified flying object).

Whether the photo of FC Juarez is real is unclear. But the Bravo didn’t need extraterrestrial help, beating Tijuana 3-0.

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