Plano City Council still hasn’t voted for a short-term lease

Plano City Council met on January 23, 2023 to discuss the city’s current short-term rental issue. A growing list of rental-related issues is worrying residents, but the council still hasn’t voted on the issue.

Short term rentals are a popular way for homeowners to rent out their property in exchange for cash. But this lease caused problems in Plano and beyond.

On Monday evening, the council showed the Plano Police Department a list of all short-term housing complaints from 2022. Last year, the police answered 141 calls in 57 locations. More than 40% of these calls involved only six properties, and most of them were related to parties, drugs or alcohol.

Following the brothel situation on September 23, 2022, groups such as the Texas Neighborhood Coalition are pushing the city council to introduce short-term lease rules.

At a January 23 meeting, the council decided to continue discussions next month with the city’s planning and zoning commission.

Local Profile It was previously reported that the city council continued to reject any decisions on how they would deal with the rent, and in last night’s meeting they did it again.

On November 14, 2022, the city council considered the short-term lease registration ordinance, but clarified that it would not vote on the matter until more research was done. It was then revealed that city council members received campaign funds from a short-term rental group.

“The City and Council’s approach to issues related to short-term rentals continues to be measured, detailed, methodical and data-driven,” Director of Media Relations Steve Stoler said earlier. Local Profile. “In the course of their political campaigns, City Council members receive many donations from across the Plano community. However, council members make decisions as a whole based on what is best for Plano.”

But Plano board members announced they would work with Arlington as their short-term lease solution proved successful. The City also met with residents to discuss any concerns or additional questions regarding short-term rentals and provided details to the Planning and Zoning Commission on November 21st.

No other information was provided by the city council at a recent meeting about the ruling or a complete ban on short-term rentals.

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