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Plano police report an increase in gun thefts

The Plano Police Department posted a warning on Facebook after seeing an increase in gun thefts. Most of the thefts happened when cars were left unlocked.

According to the police department, most thefts are due to cars being left unlocked. In 2021, out of 78 vehicles, 83 guns were stolen, of which 95% had their doors unlocked. In 2022, out of 105 vehicles, 121 guns were stolen, according to police, of which 76% were not locked.

“These burglaries are easily preventable, and by reducing the number of illegal guns on our streets, it could have a major impact on the violent crime and shootings that occur in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” Plano police said.

Police said there was an increase in car break-ins in Plano. During the holiday weekend, residents on Heritage Street westbound from the Central Expressway to Alma Drive reported numerous incidents of vehicle theft (BMVs). Common items often stolen in BMW incidents include cash, designer items, electronics, computers, and firearms.

The Plano police shared tips on how to prevent break-ins:
– Never leave the car unattended with the keys in the ignition.
– Lock your doors and keep your windows closed, even if you’re parked in front of your house.
– Park in busy and well-lit areas
– Do not leave valuables such as GPS, GPS holder, mobile phone, iPad, wallet, etc. in a visible place.
– Equip your car with an alarm or other anti-theft devices
– Never leave ownership of the vehicle or other personal documents in the vehicle.
– Never leave a firearm in a vehicle.

It is important to take precautions to prevent any theft.

“The Plano Police Department continues to ask the public to lock your doors, remove weapons from your vehicles and store them in your home,” the police said. “It only takes a few minutes to commit these crimes.”

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