Police say a man was ambushed by shooters after giving women a lift in southeast Houston.

Police said a 20-year-old man was ambushed by two men after giving four women a lift to the Clinton Park area.

HOUSTON — A good deed turned into an armed robbery after Houston Police Let’s say a man is ambushed after helping a group of women.

Houston police said it appears a 20-year-old man who worked out at Planet Fitness was set up.

Police said the young man had just finished exercising at the gym around midnight when four women asked him for a ride. He agreed and took them to an area near Clinton Park in southeast Houston.

However, when he got there, investigators said that one of the women opened his back door and there was a man with a gun outside. There was already a second man with a gun by his trunk.

“Fearing for his life, he sped away, at which point the suspected black men began shooting, stabbing him in the abdomen,” HPD Lieutenant Ignacio Izaguirre said.

Police said the victim stopped at Clinton Park when one of the other women in the car took his keys and ran off.

Someone who lives nearby helped the 20-year-old and called an ambulance. This man is in the hospital now.

The police said he was going to survive. Now they are looking for four women and two shooters.

Anyone with information should call the Houston Police Department Robbery.

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