Police say suspects in Killeen crashed into a parked car during a drive-by shooting.

KILLIN, TexasKWTX)- Tyshawn Lamar DeGrate and Canterrius Javon Johnson were arrested on January 20 after they allegedly crashed into a parked car while shooting from a drive-by on the 200 block of Evergreen Drive.

Police officers were sent to an apartment building on Evergreen Drive to investigate the disturbance caused by the gunshots. Shortly after 22:00

A resident of the area told the police that she was in her house when she heard the noise of a car and shots.

When the woman stepped outside, she saw a blue car driving west on Evergreen Drive from Florence Road.

While the car continued to move, two more shots were fired at a residential building across the street.

At this point, according to a police witness, the vehicle involved in the drive-by shooting crashed into a parked vehicle and the two men got out of the vehicle and fled.

While officers were examining the scene, Johnson returned to the scene and told them that the car was his.

Johnson said he and Degreat were in the car when the driver of another unidentified car started shooting at them, police said.

Johnson said he crashed into a parked car when he turned away to look at the driver who had fired at him.

According to police, Johnson said Degrate decided to leave the wrecked car and run away.

“During the investigation, it turned out that Degreat and Johnson were in a car that was passing by and fired at an apartment building on Evergreen Drive,” police said.

Johnson was arrested on the spot and taken to Killeen City Jail.

Degrate was found in an apartment building on the 600 block of Hallmark Avenue and taken into custody on an outstanding warrant.

Both suspects were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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