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Poll: Employees would rather quit than return to the office full-time

In a survey conducted by Fiverr, 42% of workers said they would consider quitting if forced to work in an office full-time.

HOUSTON. For several months during the pandemic, Selena da Silva worked from home, but eventually her employer brought her back to the office. She returned to her daily hour-long commute until one day she got bored. Da Silva told her employer that she wanted to work from home full time. When her boss said no, she quit.

“I wanted to be independent. They couldn’t offer me that,” Da Silva said.

She is part of a growing number of workers who would rather retire than return to office.

In a new survey by Fiverr, an online freelancing marketplace, 42% of workers said they would consider quitting if forced to work full-time in an office. This is contrary to what companies want: Almost 70% of executives and managers of large companies want their employees to be in the office five days a week.

“What was surprising was the level of control the managers were looking for. About a third of managers want employees to come back to keep an eye on them, and about a quarter of those managers want employees to come back to ensure they work faster. breaks,” Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman said.

The survey also showed that one in five workers said they had absolutely no incentive to return to the office.

Da Silva now works as a freelancer from home and earns more than her last job. She also likes the perks that she can work her own schedule and not commute. But she ends up working more because, she says, it’s hard to stop working when her home office is just a few steps away.

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