Popular comic book store celebrates 30 years in Tyler

The Ground Zero comics have a lot to celebrate. A popular comic book store has been operating in Tyler for three decades.

Co-owner Tonya Seigler said that the family business has been growing since 1993, and comics, games and science fiction in general have long been her passion.

Zeigler explained that the business is a combination of games and comics, with one of the largest selections in the state.

“Our business is split between comics and games. From the side of the comic we

offers one of the largest selections of old releases in Texas, as well as new releases, a large selection of graphic novels, consumables and accessories collectibles,” she said. “In terms of games, we’re currently focusing on miniature games like Warhammer 40,000 and Battletech.”

“We also hosted the first Magic the Gathering and Pokemon tournaments in

area and have hosted various gaming tournaments over the years,” Zeigler added.

Zeigler said that the Ground Zero comics, since their discovery many years ago, have sought to evoke a sense of wonder in people.

“These days it seems like one of the hardest things to do is your sense of wonder; it’s the thrill of meeting your first superhero, the joy of discovering Star Wars or Star Trek for the first time, or learning to master a great game,” she said. “Restoring that sense of wonder has always been our primary focus at Ground Zero.”

Zeigler said there have been several changes in the comic book world since starting the business.

“The biggest change is how comics and other nerd properties have become popular. People are often surprised how many movies are based on comics, not just the obvious Avengers and Batman movies, but movies like Road to Perdition and V for Vendetta,” she said. “It has become hard to avoid the huge impact that comics have had on popular culture.”

However, Zeigler said that some items never lose their appeal.

“It’s hard to believe that the Pokémon card game has been around for over 20 years, but now it’s more popular than ever,” she said. “Ultimately it’s about the escape that both comics and games offer.”

Zeigler joked that while many people are not yet familiar with the world of comics and games, she hopes Ground Zero Comics can shed some light on all it has to offer.

“We’re not really like The Big Bang Theory at all,” she said.

Ground Zero Comics is located at 2744 East Fifth Street and can be contacted at 903-566-1185.

For more information, visit the Ground Zero Comics Facebook page.

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