Port of Houston activates ‘residency fee’ to allow goods to move

HOUSTON (KIAH) The Port of Houston has approved an additional fee for sit-down containers, but is currently implementing one. A delay fee, approved in October, was added to keep imports moving and not let shipping containers sit idle longer than necessary.

The stay fee, effective February 1st, is $45 per day, due on the 8th.th the next day after free time as defined in Tariff No. 15, Sub-Rule 095 and Tariff No. 14, Sub-Rule 093. The fee is set to maintain turnover at the Bayport and Barbours Cut container terminals and to address the problem of long-term container retention.

Dell charges in excess of the downtime charges for loaded import containers that are covered by these sub-rules. Thus, importers can count on a surcharge per day and in full before the export of containers.

Port Houston Chief Executive Roger Gunther, quoted on the Port Houston website, said: “The permanent import storage fee is designed to minimize long-term storage of containers at terminals and ensure the smooth movement of cargo. During the recent increase in demand, we have seen that containers sitting at terminals for long periods of time are a problem. We are implementing this additional tool to help optimize space at our terminals and keep goods flowing to consumers in our region who need them.”

The stay fee may not be all that importers can pay. In October, an excessive import duty was also approved, which Gunther can impose at his discretion if necessary. If passed, it will enter into force 30 days after public notice and will last for at least 60 days. Not a word about it will be worth it.

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