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Portillo’s finally opens in Texas

In 2021, it was reported that Portillo’s would open “in a city near Frisco” and that city eventually became the Colonia. On January 18, the grand opening of the first Portillo’s restaurant in Texas took place.

“Everyone from The Colony and Grandscape was great to work with,” Michael Portillo, son of founder Dick Portillo, said ahead of the opening. Portillo said Texas is the largest food delivery state, which is why it was chosen as the new location. “We thought Texas could be big,” Portillo said. “We thought Texas might be bigger than our home state of Illinois.”

There was a soft opening ahead of today’s grand opening. People queued for more than an hour to order, and lines of cars snaked around the parking lot. “If there was any doubt that Texans would be receptive to Portillo’s, all you had to do was see lines and traffic,” said Colony Mayor Richard Boyer. “I think you’ll all be wildly successful.”

According to a Portillo’s spokesperson, DFW has plans to open new offices. However, the spokesperson did not say which city would be next.

The Grandscape is 7,900 square feet and can accommodate 180 guests. It has
two large air-conditioned patios for 80 guests.

“We are thrilled to welcome this iconic brand to Grandscape,” Grandscape President Jeff Lind said last year. “Our mission remains to create a destination unlike any other by offering brands that are often first to market while creating a unique visitor experience. Portillo’s is renowned for its offerings and service, and we look forward to being their first home in the state of Texas.”


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