“Pray for Damar” | NFL Teams Unite to Pay Tribute

On Tuesday, every NFL team had one message they wanted to share with their fans: “Pray for Damar.”

WASHINGTON — All 32 NFL teams came together to pay tribute on social media to the Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin, who remained in critical condition on Tuesday after his heart stopped during Monday Night Football.

One by one, every NFL team, along with the league and players association, updated their respective Twitter profile pictures with the words “Pray for Damar” in the style of Hamlin’s No. 3 jersey.

The Bills defenseman went into cardiac arrest after a tackle in Monday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. After CPR was performed on the field, he was rushed to the hospital and the team announced on Tuesday that Hamlin, 24, spent the night in intensive care and remains in critical condition.

His family issued a statement expressing their gratitude for the support and asking everyone to pray for Hamlin.

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Here are some of the NFL team tributes:

Buffalo Bills

Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys

Minnesota Vikings

Denver Broncos

San Francisco 49ers

New Orleans Saints

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs

Las Vegas Raiders

Los Angeles Chargers

Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots

New York Jets

Pittsburgh Steelers

Tennessee Titans

Green Bay Packers

Detroit Lions

Chicago bears

Carolina Panthers

Atlanta Falcons

Arizona Cardinals

Washington commanders

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Seattle Seahawks

Philadelphia Eagles

New York Giants

Los Angeles Rams

NFL Players Association

What caused Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest?

It is unclear what caused Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. As an NFL player, he exercises regularly and eats healthy, so it’s unlikely that it was caused by some common risk factors like high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

What is commocio cordis?

Hamlin may have suffered from a condition known as “commotio cordis”, which is a blunt force trauma to the heart. Although uncommon, it can cause sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes. According to the National Library of Medicine, this condition is usually caused by a strong blow during physical activity.

The condition only occurs in a rare set of circumstances: when a sharp blow hits the heart “in the completely wrong place at the completely wrong time” during a heart rate cycle, said Dr. Rod Passman, director of the arrhythmia center. research at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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