Prosecutors seek life in prison for man who stole $260,000 from 68-year-old man with autism

Paul Yonko was found guilty of participating in organized crime, a felony.

HOUSTON. Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for a man they call a recidivist fraudster.

Paul Yonko was found guilty of participating in organized crime, a felony.

Yonko stole $260,000 from a 68-year-old man with autism.

Friday’s testimony revolved around his victims and investigations.

The prosecutor’s office stated that for 90 days, Yonko scammed the man out of money.

They said that Yonko was involved in numerous fraudulent crimes, including the so-called “wobbly wheel scam”.

The prosecutor’s office also stated that Yonko, along with his family members and people he considered related, were accused or convicted of participating in criminal activities for several years.

The jury must determine how long Yonko will spend behind bars – from 15 years to life in prison.

The prosecutor, who insisted on a life sentence, told the jury that Yonko could not be exonerated and that he had proven he would not change his antics. She argued that more people could be at risk of his fraud if he did not receive a life sentence.

Yonko is also accused of making threatening phone calls to the judge and prosecutor in this case.

The jurors were sent home on Friday after failing to reach a decision. They will return on Monday.

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