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Protesters demand video footage of death of Hayes County inmate

HAYS COUNTY, TX (KXAN) — Dozens of people gathered outside the headquarters of the Hayes County Sheriff’s Office demanding justice for Joshua Wright, a Hayes County inmate shot dead in December by a corrections officer.

“Release the video!” the protesters shouted.

The prison took Wright to Ascension Seton in Kyle for treatment. The sheriff’s office said he assaulted a corrections officer before attempting to escape the emergency room on foot.

The Wright family wants to see video evidence.

“It’s already January 22nd and there’s still no video,” said Wright’s cousin, Lavender Anderson.

One of the speakers who addressed the crowd was his daughter Xirrena Wright.

“He was a good person. He was a good father. Even if he had nothing, he would still try,” she said.

The protesters have three requests to the Hayes County Sheriff’s Office:

  1. Release body camera video;
  2. Remove the corrections officer who killed Wright; and
  3. Resignation of Sheriff Gary Cutler.

“Cutler is retiring!” the protesters chanted.

The sheriff’s office told KXAN that it would not comment on the protest. They previously stated that an investigation was underway and there was no timeline for the release of the video.

The Wright family have said they will continue to raise their voices until they get the answers they need.

“We are not leaving. I will not leave. My family isn’t going anywhere,” Wright’s sister, Adrian, said.

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