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Racist leaflets remain in several areas of Houston

The neighbors said they would not let the hateful messages affect their lives.

MISSION BEND, Texas. More racist leaflets were found in another area of ​​Houston.

This time they were found in Mission Bend. Last week, similar fliers were found on the heights and on the northeast side.

Neighbors in Mission Bend said they would not let the hateful messages affect their lives.

“Their goal is to try to divide us, but they are going to do it – they will never be able to do it, because we are all here to stand together,” said one of the neighbors, who requested anonymity. , said.

That neighbor said she found a flyer that was in a bag of corn kernels on Sunday morning. It was left in her driveway and she posted a message on social media to warn others. She said her son took it with gloves on and threw it away in case there was anything left on it.

The flyers were still found by her neighbors on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. HOW 11 News decided not to show what was written on the flyers.

In the northeast part of the city, surveillance video caught people in a car spreading messages. In Heights, this became the topic of a city hall meeting during which the Houston police said there was little they could do because it was freedom of speech. Police said people should report when they find flyers so they can document the activity.

The Bend Mission woman said she hoped the people who were handing out the packages never showed up again.

“We don’t have it here—not in Mission Bend,” she said.

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