Rain-induced power outages darken thousands of homes and businesses

SAN ANTONIO “It’s Tuesday on the calendar, but due to power outages, it was more like Monday for thousands of people.

On a dark Tuesday morning, many struggled to get ready for work or school.

At one point, about 4,000 homes and businesses throughout the city of San Antonio were left without power.

“When I was driving down (highway) 281, nothing was on. No gas stations, no street lights. So I just thought to myself, “Well, this is going to be interesting,” said LaToya Adams.

She was walking to The Union gym, which she manages, when she realized that most of the mall, located near Highway 281 and Thousand Oaks, was in the dark.

Surprisingly, her business had an emergency light that came on just in time.

“We just decided that the show should go on because people need to be physically fit and that’s how they feel better in the morning,” Adams said.

In the meantime, Michael Gray got to work without any problems.

However, around 7:30 am, the lights suddenly went out at his home and the shop where he works.

“Fortunately, it’s daytime so you can see. But it’s over, the fridge. Nothing is happening,” he said.

Gray was able to go home briefly to check on what was going on at his apartment near Hamer and Bitters Road.

“I just wanted to put my milk in the freezer, my eggs in the freezer right now because you don’t know how long this will last,” Gray said.

Across the street from his house, the students at Cocker Elementary School had to spend a special holiday in an unusual way.

Students began their 100th day of the school year using flashlights and daylight from windows, according to a spokesperson for the Northeast Independent School District.

However, Aubrey Chancellor said the outage was relatively short-lived. The lights were turned on around 9:30.

A report posted on the CPS Energy Twitter page said more than a dozen power pylons caught fire during the rainy weather, causing widespread power outages.

Crews are working to make repairs as quickly as possible, the report says.

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